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Ghost visits

Nicolas DEWINTER, Actor, director

Patrick RUDANT, Flutes in all directions, arrangements

In 2068,

in a post-apocalyptic world populated by drones, droids, and a few masked humans, a sympathetic but paranoid character has found refuge in an abandoned theater.

Tired of solitude, he takes you on an unusual tour of the place, in search of his mysterious and spectral roommate...                 

An interactive musical-theatrical chase for theaters, concert halls, museums and other places of culture…

A creation designed for 2021 

Because it will be an opportunity for the public to (re)discover cultural places that have been deserted for too long by the health crisis and to discover them from a new angle!

Because the visits integrate the constraints of small gauges (6 to 10 people per visit) and the paranoid hypochondria of the main character pushes him to wear a mask and carefully disinfect his guests.


Patrick Rudant,

Polyglot flautist.

Traverso, transverse flutes, bansuri, whistle, harmonic flutes, piccolos, etc.

Trained and experienced in Jazz, Indian music and baroque music, he has lots of beautiful diplomas (CA, Higher Diploma in Early Music from the Paris Conservatory and The Hague...)

Soloist at the Hostel Dieu Concert, he participates in numerous concerts in France, Switzerland, the USA and Spain, India, Slovenia...

Nicolas Dewynter, actor, author and director.

Nicolas has been navigating the world of entertainment since the age of fourteen. Passionate about the circus, fascinated by the character of the clown since childhood, his passion has become an art of living.

In 2005 he gave an identity to his clown, Gédéon with whom he created and played “M. Croquignole”, “Will & Walt”, “Stanislas Verdeyrberke”, “Johnny Rubis”, “Peau de Lapin”, “La petite killie” and 48% of the creations of Cie les Totors.


The 2 guys

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