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In the begining, almost nothing...

Concert in 2 parts
Part 1: 30 mins Raag Yaman: Alaap, Jor, Jallah, Ektala
Part 2: 30 mins Cine-concert “At the beginning almost nothing”

The raga of northern India is a very ancient musical structure requiring from the performer a capacity for poetic, creative but never fanciful improvisation. At the beginning, almost nothing: the performer "presents" the different degrees of the raga, decorating them as desired, like so many sound "colors", without pulsation. Then comes the moment of Jor, a pulsation is established, allowing new melodic and cyclical combinations, etc...
“At the beginning, almost nothing” is a concert during which I play alongside a film bringing together musician friends with whom I had the joy of exploring various languages, various musical universes, between baroque music, jazz and compositions. personal... My daughter Manon (professional videographer) made this film with me, adding to this virtuoso concert her own poetry, rhythm, colors...
Ascesis of the solo accompanied by percussion, sitar, and other singing bowls which allows me in 30 minutes to play 9 different flutes... almost in a single breath!
Raag Yaman : Alaap-Ektala (extraits)
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