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Sometimes I feel a bit like a "barbarian in Asia" (formula and title of Henri MICHAUX's book)...
Get closer to this learned, subtle, complex, coded music. Improvised but so rhetorical, inventive without ever being fanciful.

With Matthias LABBE (tablas) and Jérome CANNET (harmonium and voice), we recorded these 3 compositions. Much of "Ektala" is a traditional "gat" for a Yaman Vilambit.
And I “composed” this Kirvani (here model with “chemical tablas”) for a production of Michaux’s book.



I think it's my favorite raga. 

Here I have associated-merged it with a few sentences from the 3rd lesson of Darkness by François COUPERIN.

And this barred slam... Based on words from Eric BARET and a few measures borrowed from the Cinematic Orchestra. I was invited to play at a conference of child psychiatrists in Chalon. A little velvet, a little provocative!

Slam barréArtist Name
00:00 / 08:18
SHAKTI Composition (Live).mp3Patrick RUDANT
00:00 / 09:14

Other composition: Shakti. 

Here with Ravi PRASAD and the CHD.

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