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HDJ5 Play Bach

From the Music of Bach from which they retain the melodic perfection, the lyricism, the harmonic balance and the polyphony, a permanent search for perfection, synthesis of classical music and jazz, mixture of swing, counterpoint and blues, it n There was only one step!

“…a voluble jazz, light like an excellent champagne, with fine bubbles, which gives you the illusion of weightlessness. The five accomplices sing a slender, relaxed jazz that gives you little chance of leaving the concert stressed..."

HDJ5 Medley (Live) - BACH/HDJ5
Bourrée - JS BACH (Reloaded)
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Jonathan CARETTE


Patrick RUDANT

Transverse flutes



Double Bass

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Hein de JONG



Christophe DRIGON


Hein de JONG, Vibraphone, arrangements

Crédit Photo Martin De Haan

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Crédit Photo Martin de Haan

Thanks to Béatrice CANTONI for this very poetic testimony...

Good grace

Fourth concert of the Pentecost Festival organized by the Ex Cathedra association at the bishopric of Autun on the morning of May 21: a jazz and Bach cross-over in the interior courtyard. Nice breeze. Sweetness of the place, of the season. Flowers in perfect country party attire. Virtuoso musicians from Hein de Jong's percussion group and a flutist...should we say "wild" in such a place?




Finally, what is all this? It is praise. The breeze passes gently. The flutist chooses the smallest of his flutes. The blades of grass are in unison. Besides, says a poet, “the blades of grass spend their time doing this: dancing at the slightest pretext and giving thanks for the graces received each day. » 

Let us leave the last word to Saint Francis de Sales: “The Church is a colorful garden of infinite flowers. » 

Béatrice Cantoni


Patrick Rudant, in the middle of his traverso flutes, takes flight in Bach dances. 

The grace of the moment. Everything is good grace, that of the bishop in charge of the place who allowed this fantasy, that of the organizers who are so efficient and attentive, that of the relaxed listeners, that of the musicians celebrating...

Small pink flowers rise in a rhythmic spray. They are called The Despair of the Painter? We will call them “The Joy of the Musician.” » The light wind moves them. Partner: a large poppy whose each petal swings in confident fraternity. Overabundance of this fragile life. 


We think of those moments when the old biblical prophets speak to us of a God dancing with joy to welcome us. Old ? No way. Robust walkers, tireless singers of psalms, who watch the desert bloom. Who tell us about the “beautiful feet” of the bearers of joyful news. And then comes Christ who sits before the flowers of the fields and marvels at their ball gowns. 

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