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The beautiful PDF of the press kit, ready to print




The fine team of musicians...


Patrick RUDANT,

flautist, specialized in the baroque style (he is now a concert performer and CA Early Music teacher). At the same time, a real driving force for musical adventures, he quickly positioned himself as an explorer of the sounds of modern, baroque flutes and even bansuri (India) by combining them with the transcendental and tribal rhythms of world music.


drummer-percussionist, for his part, took advantage of this experience of street music to develop and establish his know-how in lively urban music (funk marching bands, founding of a bateria and a samba school, expertise in pedagogy of music through oral transmission), without leaving aside his connections to his first loves: drums and jazz.

Pat-OLIVE Duo .jpg
Max solo .jpeg

Maxime BALLAIS and Gérald PUYRAVAUD are part of this young generation who grew up with the importation of this traditional music into Europe (the first samba batucadas developed in France in the 1980s). Trained from a very young age in a French batucada, they quickly turned to Brazil to complete their training by making multiple trips to Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo and setting out to meet Brazilian masters during their came to the old continent.

Gerald solo.jpeg

As true ambassadors of samba in Europe, they were able, supported by the experience of Olivier MONTANGERAND, to found a real Samba School in Chalon-sur-Saône, working in close collaboration with a school in São Paulo.

Their competition within BATUCABACH puts at the service of the project a spontaneity and an expertise of Brazilian groove which generate a singular energy dear to the culture of samba.

DSCF7056-2 - copie 4.jpg

Crédit photo : Nix Grandjean

A few little stupidities to finish...

The investigation began in 2014 with the discovery of this very strange engraving... in Istanbul (formerly called Constantinople).


And this famous engraving representing Master BACH at the organ...
We simply enlarged the small painting hanging on the wall and... what a surprise!

Bach et le portrait .jpg
BACH ah, les cons - copie.png
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