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With the brilliant Alyocha REGNARD at Nyckelharpa.

And the no less brilliant Keyvan CHEMIRANI, at Daf and Zarb...

This music has a history, a journey.

All the music is the basis of Alyosha's compositions.

I added "my" part to it, researching countersongs and variations at great length, partly improvised.


For 10 years, we played this music to children and very premature babies in the pediatric and neonatal departments of the Willima Morey hospital in Chalon.

In “follow-up care” too, in Trevoux. Inspiring. Exhilarating. Exhausting. Fascinating.

Keyvant added his percussion lace part as the last “layer”.

ALYSMA in hospital: Stephan PELISSIER and Manon RUDANT captured images.

Manu FAIVRE captured the sound.

Music in Pediatrics again: 

In the department of Dr Isabelle CHAVENEAU: Lullabies for mothers-babies with broken connections...

With Anaïs PIN on Cello

Filmed/recorded by Manon RUDANT

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