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Ragas traditionally aim to promote awakening through the regular return of certain frequencies to perform a form of massage or “vibrational mixing”.

It is not the musician who provides this subtle massage but the music itself, the music we hear, “the music we need”, the music which comes to be incarnated in us at the moment we hear it. .

It's not music that heals the soul,
but the silence that we make around and within ourselves to listen to it, to hear it:
it’s simply a matter of letting harmony re-tune us.

In practice
-We go to the “meditation concert” in silence.

-Instructions and inspiring texts appear on a cinema screen placed behind the musician.

-After a period of silence, of centering on the breath comes the music: the thoughts are then as if “unhooked”.
-We also leave in silence, filled with vibrant silence, gently “harmonized” to the frequencies of the raga for the rest of the day, our body being considered as a “temple” in which the music resonates.

Bilou Nuages marécageux.png

Stay where you are, don’t change your environment or your way of being,
But become available to your emotional, intellectual and sensory functioning.


The silence you're looking for isn't found somewhere
But in your presence to what presents itself.
(Jean Klein)

Raag Yaman (Alaap/Ektal) - patrick RUDANT

Course of the session

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